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Service Happenings Overview

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This newsletter will be sent out seasonally and will feature one-time and ongoing volunteering opportunities from SLiCE, other campus departments, and community agencies (as in non-profit and governmental-based organizations).  This newsletter complements the Service Happenings Calendar, and together they serve as a platform featuring upcoming volunteer opportunities for CSU Rams.  

This multi-faceted program takes a broad approach to revitalize community engagement and humanize volunteering, thereby giving you the skills to positively impact your community and gain a deeper understanding of the issues impacting your fellow neighbors.  Each issue will explore different community needs, spotlight local and global approaches to addressing these community issues, and provide opportunities for readers to pursue, volunteer, and enhance their skill sets and knowledge accordingly.

Newsletter topics include but are not limited to:

  • upcoming local, state-wide, national, and global volunteer opportunities
  • upcoming in-person, remote, and virtual volunteering opportunities
  • ethical volunteering best practices
  • community engagement internships/civic job opportunities
  • mutually-beneficial and sustainable community partnerships
  • values-based service-learning
  • inspirational acts of kindness and collective care
Questions about Service Happenings? Contact SLiCE's Community Support Coordinators at