Ram$ for Change - Volunteer Team Service Day Commitment Form (4/14)


Thank you for your commitment to the next Ram$ for Change!

Ram$ for Change is a dynamic service-based program offering both volunteer and funding opportunities, depending on the type of participation.  This community engagement program aims to meet immediate community need and generate mutual understanding and support between Community Agencies (non-profits, government-based organizations, and CSU departments) and current CSU Rams.  Overall, Ram$ for Change offers pre-planned service experiences for those seeking to create connections and make a quick and direct impact in the community.

Solo Volunteers and Volunteer Teams can both participate in Ram$ for Change.  Solo Volunteers are not participating in a Team of 5 or more CSU Rams, and instead are operating individually.  Volunteer Teams comprise 5 or more CSU Rams and require a Team Leader who also volunteers and is counted in the minimum of 5 volunteers.  All Primary Team Leaders are required to complete Team Leader Training, and in general, they have more responsibilities when participating in Ram$ for Change.  

Do Note: some service days may differ from the standard time, usual notice, and funds provided. This is due to potential new funding sources, unique service requests, and/or more challenging service days to fill.

Friday, April 14 Service Day - Commitment Form
Thank you for demonstrating your and your Volunteer Team's commitment to participate in Ram$ for Change on Friday, April 14.  Please complete the questions in this form so we can learn more about your Volunteer Team this time around, and best work with you throughout the process. 

  • Again, this process is first-come, first-serve, based on the order your Service Day Commitment Form is received by SLiCE. 
  • Participation in Ram$ for Change is not guaranteed.
  • If you are the Primary Team Leader of a Registered Student Organization (RSO) Team with a Student Organization Financial Account (SOFA) that is opting to receive the funds ($20/volunteer) - you must be a CSU student, same with your Secondary Team Leader who serves as your backup. 
  • SLiCE strives to provide your Volunteer Team with a service project (if more than one service project is available on this service day) that matches your availability, interests, and needs - and ours. 
  • If matched, you will learn of your assigned service project during your "Commitment Chat"  with a SLiCE Community Support Specialist on Zoom or in the SLiCE office. 
  • If we are unable to match your Volunteer Team with a service project, you will be waitlisted, but have a high chance of being called up to volunteer, if still interested.  

Submit this form no later than Monday, March 27 by our priority deadline to be considered eligible to participate.  Your preferences are more considered when submitting by the deadline.