Ram$ for Change - Volunteer Waiver (2022 - 2023)

Waiver Overview

Ram$ for Change is a dynamic service-based program offering both volunteer and funding opportunities, depending on the type of participation.  This community engagement program aims to meet immediate community needs and generate mutual understanding and support between Community Agencies (non-profits, government-based organizations, and CSU departments) and current CSU Rams.  Overall, Ram$ for Change offers pre-planned service experiences for those seeking to create connections and make a quick and direct impact in the community. 


Individual Volunteers and Volunteer Teams can both participate in Ram$ for Change.  Individual Volunteers are not participating in a Team of 5 or more CSU Rams, and instead are operating solo.  Volunteer Teams comprise 5 or more CSU Rams and require a Team Leader who also volunteers and is counted in the minimum of 5 volunteers.  

Thank you in advance for your future participation in Ram$ for Change!  The SLiCE Community Support Team genuinely appreciates your commitment to volunteering your time and energy toward this community engagement program. 

Below is some quick information regarding this Volunteer Waiver form.
  • Only one Ram$ for Change Volunteer Waiver form is required per volunteer for the 2022 - 2023 academic year.
  • Volunteer Waivers are always due by the Wednesday before the upcoming Ram$ for Change service day.  
  • Your waiver must be submitted before your service project begins, no exceptions.  

Questions? Please direct them to SLiCE's Community Support Team at slice_communitysupport@colostate.edu.
Upcoming Ram$ for Change Service Days & Waiver Due Dates
  • Saturday, October 29 (waiver due WED 10/26)
  • Wednesday, November 9 (waiver due MON 11/7)
  • Sunday, November 13 (waiver due WED 11/9)
  • Saturday, December 3 (waiver due WED 11/30)
  • Monday, January 16 (waiver due WED 1/11)
  • Saturday, February 18 (waiver due WED 2/15)
  • Sunday, March 5 (waiver due WED 3/1)
  • Friday, April 14 (waiver due WED 4/12)

Volunteer Team Name
Please share the name of the Team you are volunteering with for Ram$ for Change.  If you do not know the specific Team Name, please reach out to your Volunteer Team Leader to learn more (or if part of a Registered Student Organization (RSO) participating - it is likely the name of that RSO). 

What is the name of the Volunteer Team you are participating with for Ram$ for Change?
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